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Personal Information


Date of Birth:     14/04/1984

Marital Status:    Single



             Ain Shams University                 Cairo, Egypt

      Faculty of Science, 4th year Biochemistry student



Im interesting in the reading of the different life sciences,  follow the news, watching and playing football and listening to music.


my essay

My essay is dealing with the blood which is the most important fluid in our body and I select this subject because Im  interesting in the study of the body components and their functions.

Blood is a fluid that nurtures life, contains many enzymes and hormones, and transports O2 and CO2. In physiological conditions it may be considered as incompressible. This complex mixture has a number of functions in the body.

Functions of Blood:

1 - Transportation: of oxygen & carbon dioxide, nutrients, waste products (metabolic wastes, excessive water, & ions)

2 - Regulation - hormones & heat (to regulate body temperature)

3 - Protection - clotting mechanism protects against blood loss & leucocytes provide immunity against many disease-causing agents.

It may be considered as a connective tissue consisting of formed elements suspended in plasma. Plasma is mostly water but it also contains proteins, salts, nutrients, hormones, gases, vitamins, and metabolic wastes

Components of Blood - average adult has about 5 liters (about 5 qts) 

1 - Formed elements:

*      Red blood cells (or erythrocytes)

*      White blood cells (or leucocytes)

*      Platelets (or thrombocytes)

           2 - Plasma = water + dissolved solutes

My essay includes 5 chapters :

1-       composition of normal blood

2-      hematopoises (formation of blood cells )

3-      blood coagulation

4-      Blood as a tool in diagnosis of different diseases

5-      Common blood diseases